Mauro Moro

Corfu - GREECE

Set like a pearl within the magnificent frame of Corfu island in Greece, overlooking the Ionian Sea, the small bay of Alipa was an abandoned and neglected military base for many years.

The project aims to restore the natural landscape balance of the place, reorganising the tourist activities, limiting the pressure of the boats and favouring the natural elements, such as a Mediterranean scrub forest located on the hill. 

The strong point of the project is a platform set up with removable covers which cast shadows during the day and, by withdrawing, free up a generous promenade for evening and night events.

The key to the project’s success is limiting the production and introduction of architectural components as much as possible. For this reason, the structures are straightforward, limited and open. The white colour of the architectural inserts dominates. The public furniture is minimalist and made of solid and highly resistant materials, such as white concrete and steel. The final objective is a luxuriant, lush nature re-emerges, which elegantly and graciously frames the areas intended for tourist and catering functions, regenerating a lost space and unlocking the potential of the place.