Mauro Moro

Automated Residential and Commercial

Arc is a network of automated parking structures for container apartments. These structures store, shuffle, load, and unload container homes in an automated fashion and are linked to one another by intermodal transportation. Arc will be the first fully commercialised system of mobile apartments bringing mobility and network effects to compact living. Containerisation enabled the internationalisation of freight, and Arc aims to use it to do the same for habitation and services. 

Using mobile and flexible architecture, Arc has derived a platform for storing, docking and transferring container homes to address the housing crisis. Arc is an urban system designed to align housing with the rest of modern-day technology – where better versions become more widely available over time. 

Arc is a network of vertically stacked parking spaces for container homes. These stacked container parking spaces are slots in high bay systems built to handle habitable and human-accessible shipping containers. Arc’s goal is to make these systems in compatible locations everywhere and sell a form of permanent parking access to them. We call the container dwellings that can park in Arc’s structure units and the parking structures frames. The frames store, shuffle, load, and unload units in an automated fashion so that the system is accessible, habitable, and comfortable