Mauro Moro

Scenic Resort Landscape
Guangzhou - CHINA


Project delivered with a team @ W.A.T.G. (2019)

Bai Shui Zhai Scenic Spot is a provincial scenic area in Guangdong Province. Bai Shui Xian Waterfall is one of the top ten scenic spots in Bai Shui Zhai Scenic Area. The objective is to provide visioning and conceptual master planning for the designated tourism area.

My contribution to the master plan and landscape team is to create the planned architectures by integrating them into the natural context. The main entrance, the commercial units and, in particular, the geological museum arise from the earth and mix with it, eliminating the boundary line between building and nature as much as possible.

The commercial units, on the other hand, reinterpret the local vernacular language by adapting it to the sinuosity of the terrain. For this reason, they emerge as pavilions detached from the natural context and as historical pre-existences with a nostalgic and dreamlike taste.