Mauro Moro

Al Jubayl - Saudi.

Darien Hills Park enjoys a generous and extensive seafront from its location on the tip of the Darin peninsula (Al Jubayl, Persian Gulf). The recently completed urban park needs attractions. Our proposal is to provide several attractions capable of creating interest and generating profit thanks to the inflow of visitors.

The fun centre is the cornerstone of the entire proposal. A triangular building measuring 135m on each side contains large areas for recreation, entertainment, games, family spaces, restaurants, and services.

In addition to the program, the building offers the most valuable thing for a site between the desert and the sea: generous shade. In fact, the volume of Black Box functions (jump yard, laser tag, arcade, etc.) is suspended to project a large shadow on the ground where there will be a splash area, gardens, and seating areas open to the public.

In fact, the building fits like a wedge between two hills and the seafront, hence its peculiar equilateral triangular shape. A powerful volume is suspended while steps emerge from the ground, oriented towards the interior. Here, the resulting crack becomes dynamic and animated by the tension between full and empty.

The “crack” becomes the dynamic fulcrum of the system, attracting people and offering refreshments and a break for the public, who can enjoy both the view of the hills and the sea and the amusement in the centre of the splash area. A place for everybody to enjoy.