Mauro Moro

Thomson Plaza / "Mercatus"
Re-Design & Re-Branding

Project delivered with a team @ WOODS-BAGOT (2018)

‘Mercatus Garden’ will transform Thomson Plaza into a natural, neighbourhood-friendly destination offering nearby residents and visitors a variety of curated experiences designed to inspire users to unlock the best version of themselves.

Thomson Plaza is a mall where nearby residents go to get things done. We intend to create spaces for buying things people need and creating the experiences people want.

An Experience Catalyst with a sense of wonder and excitement.

We aim to:

Help users quickly achieve their goals by adapting the retail offer to the changing habits and demographics of the community.

Create generational connections by offering experiences the whole family can take part in.

Reduce the focus on commercialism by prioritising the personal and the local.

Embrace the nostalgia users feel towards Thomson Plaza to create a place where vendors are friends first.