Mauro Moro

Surabaya - INDONESIA

In Collaboration with GUMMAVITTA (2021)

G.F.A.: 24.300 m2

The local Indonesian culture is varied, eclectic, vibrant and highly colourful. It is imperative to adapt and embrace this frenetic chaos. At the same time, it is necessary to standardise the design to achieve the customer’s constructive and commercial objective.

These were the premises for the design of the Tierra Residence.

Our design aims for an elegant, beautiful, well-functioning residential building that will include the uses of residential, parking, standard amenities for residents and some retail at ground level.

We seek to create a great dialogue between the street and the building with an attractive design language that will generate a significant impact without compromising the quality of the units and shared amenities.

The design aims to relate the buildings with green spaces in their vicinity to promote a better lifestyle and take advantage of more common public amenities.

Tierra, Spanish for EARTH, is also the live motif for the red colour of the building. Instead of a polychrome palette, we opted for a “tono su tono” look to convey the material feeling of an architectonic body entirely made of red clay.